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Christian Refugees

Archbishop of Canterbury visits Christian Refugees in Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — The head of the Anglican Church met with Iraqi Christian refugees during a visit to Jordan in which he called on the region’s embattled Christians to remain in the Middle East, the cradle of their faith.

Justin Welby

UN, West, Accused of Ignoring Plight of Syria’s Christians

The United Nations and Western nations including Britain have been accused of abandoning Syria’s Christians in the face of widespread persecution by Islamic State and their Muslim countrymen – even within refugee camps.


Exclusive: Pakistani Christian: ‘Life is Unbearable as an Asylum Seeker in Thailand’

Kathriya Louis is gazing out of the window of the second floor condo she shares with her family in Thailand when a military vehicle pulls up. Pausing only to take a quick picture on her cell phone, she quickly withdraws inside, and the family sit in silence, hoping not to be the latest detainees shipped to Thailand’s immigration centers.


UN: Critics of Christian Refugee Policy ‘Misinformed’

The United Nations insists critics of its predominant refugee agency, the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), are “misinformed” when it comes to their questions over why the agency seems to resettle very few Christian refugees from the Middle East.

Displaced Christians Take Refuge In Erbil

Iraqi Priest Saves Thousands from ISIS

A young Iraqi priest living in Jordan has helped more than 2,000 people escape from the clutches of the Islamic State in Iraq by personally sponsoring their entry into Jordan, securing them food and lodging and facilitating their international recognition as refugees.

Iraqi refugees