City of Houston

Texas Court Hears Case to Curb Gay Marriage Rights

The Supreme Court of Texas heard oral arguments today in a case where Houston taxpayers sued urging that subsidizing employment benefits for the spouse of a same-sex couple is illegal. Lawyers for the taxpayers describe the case as “the only one of its kind in the nation.”


Lavish Library of Islamic Knowledge ‘For Everyone,’ Says Houston Mayor

The Library of Islamic Knowledge officially opened last weekend in downtown Houston. Mayor Sylvester Turner, joined by former Houston Rockets Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon, cut the ribbon of the lavish $2.5 million dollar library housed within the Islamic Da’wah Center.

Library of Islamic Knowledge inside Houston Dawah Center

Report: ‘Swamped: How Pension Debt is Sinking the Bayou City’

The City of Houston has become swamped by its debt owed to employee pension funds.The Laura & John Arnold Foundation recently issued a very clear report on the condition of the City of Houston Pension funding. The eleven-page report is titled, “Swamped: How Pension Debt is Sinking the Bayou City,” is attached at the bottom of this article.

Houston Sinking

Op-Ed: Are the City of Houston’s Finances in the ‘Greece’

The City of Houston appears to be following the path of the nation of Greece in terms of financial ruin. News sources daily are keeping us appraised of the continuing Greek debt crisis. Greece has a debt of 170% of their Gross National Product.

Greece Bailout

Texas Lawyer Building Class Action Lawsuit Against City for Possibly Illegal Houston Drainage Fee

HOUSTON, Texas — A Texas lawyer has filed a lawsuit, and is attempting to have it declared a class action, against the City of Houston for the possibly illegal collection of drainage fees. The fees are one of the results of the 2010 Prop 1 “Rain Tax” charter amendment election which is in danger of being thrown out after a recent Texas Supreme Court ruling.

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