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Poles Protest Populist Government At Rally in Warsaw

WARSAW, Poland (AP) – Thousands of Poles marched through Warsaw on Saturday to protest the policies of the populist ruling party under Jaroslaw Kaczynski, describing them as attacks on the country’s democratic foundations. Speakers at the “March of Freedom” said


Poland’s Populists Panic, Ask Britain To Hold Second Referendum

Law and Justice (PiS) party leader has demanded Britain hold a second referendum on membership of the European Union (EU) but warns that first, the union must “radically change”. Describing the UK’s decision to leave the EU as something “very


Polls Predict Solid Conservative Victory In Polish General Election

Poland’s conservative opposition is poised to win Sunday’s general election, according to final polls which suggest that its welfare promises and anti-refugee rhetoric have helped clinch a hefty lead over the governing centrists. Analysts however also insist the departure last

Polish general election