Leftist Media Picked Missouri Mob over Vanderbilt Rape Victims

America is again engulfed in a barrage of grievance-driven tumult brought to us by victim-focused racial identity demagogues, who have long-preferred theatricality over reality. Although the flood of media attention on purported incidences of racism at the University of Missouri has forced the school’s president to resign, it also overshadowed another vexing social malady.

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Ferguson Effect: UC to Join ‘Million Student March’

The student demonstrations that have thrown the University of Missouri and other campuses around the nation into chaos will sweep across California on Thursday as part of a national effort called the “Million Student March.”

Million Student March CSULB (Facebook)

Missouri Professor Who Wanted News Photog Muscled May Lose Appointment

In a statement released Tuesday, the dean of the Journalism School at the University of Missouri announced that assistant professor Melissa Click may lose her “courtesy appointment” with the School of Journalism for her aggressive confrontation with student journalists.

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