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Fourth Circuit: 90-Year-Old Cross-Shaped Monument to WW1 Dead Is Illegal

Wednesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered the removal of a Bladensburg, Maryland, World War I memorial because its 40-foot tall cross shape violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, reversing a lower court ruling that would have preserved the monument and drawing impassioned reactions from litigants and observers throughout the week.

Bladensburg World War I Veterans Memorial, Bladensburg, Md.

Illinois Girl Sends Crosses to Police Across the U.S.

An 8-year-old girl in Illinois is lifting the spirits of police offers all over the U.S. with packages of crosses. The latest package landed with the Chula Vista Police Department in California.

ABC News 10/YouTube

Chinese Cardinal Says Cross Removal Like Mao’s Cultural Revolution

Hong Kong’s emeritus archbishop, Cardinal Joseph Zen, has slammed the Chinese government’s program to demolish rooftop crosses from Christian churches, calling it a “regression” in China’s policy toward religion, reminiscent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

AP Photo/Didi Tang

Chinese Gov’t Strips Christian Council of Official Authority

Provincial authorities in Zhejiang have confiscated the official seal of the local Christian Council, which is necessary to issue valid official documents, after the council released a statement earlier this month criticizing the government campaign to remove church crosses.


Chinese Christians Rebel against Government Removal of Crosses

Following a recent government crackdown on visible crosses on Christian churches in China, a number of church pastors have defied the campaign, going so far as to replace demolished crosses, and in some cases, to put up bigger ones.

AP Photo/Didi Tang