Dallas Police Association to CNN: Your ‘Flippant Non-Apology’ Is Not Accepted


After attempting to float a Narrative trial balloon Saturday that would frame the discussion around Saturday’s would be mass-cop killer in Dallas as someone who is “courageous and brave,” CNN weekend anchor Fredricka Whitfield arrogantly refused to apologize Sunday, and said merely that she had misspoke.

Whitfield’s arrogance did not go unnoticed by the Dallas Police Association. The DPA released a statement Monday calling Whitfield’s Sunday statement a “flippant non-apology”:

“Yesterday CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield called James Boulware ‘courageous and brave’ just hours after he attacked our police headquarters with the intent to kill as many police officers as he could,” said Frederick Frazier, Vice President of the Dallas Police Association. “While her comments were appalling and offensive to the men and women in police departments across our country, her flippant non-apology served as further insult. We call on CNN to offer a more appropriate apology for the offensive comments made by Ms. Whitfield.”

“We have voiced our concern that the media’s negative narrative about police officers is jeopardizing our safety. The actions of CNN are proof that our concern has merit,” added Frazier.

Under Jeff Zucker, CNN has, for going on two years now, been launching one dishonest, duplicitous hate campaign after another against law enforcement. The pattern is an obvious and intentional one.

What Whitfield said is a CNN feature, not a bug.

Damn right she’s not sorry.

Neither is CNN.


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