Brutal Hit-and-Run DUI Suspect Faces Immigration Hold

SAN DIEGO — 29-Year-old Esteysi Sanchez Izazaga pled not guilty on Wednesday to felony charges relating to the brutal hit-and-run death of a 69-year-old man who authorities say was struck by Sanchez’s car and hurled through her windshield early Monday morning in Oceanside, California.

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Death By Suicide: The Era of the Fact Checker Is Finally Over

For the last 25 years the DC Media has openly and shamelessly marveled at how well Democrats, especially the Clintons and Barack Obama, lie. On top of portraying this talent for lying as the kind of savvy competence America needs

For the last 25 years the DC Media has openly …

Five CA Mayors Urge Welcome of Refugees

Mayors from five California cities on Friday signed a letter urging Congress not to reject vetted refugees, including those from Syria, that seek to come to the United States.

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Dead 3-Week Old in San Diego Dumpster Tied to Long Beach Shooting

The parents and uncle of a baby girl kidnapped Saturday evening from the family’s home in Long Beach, California were shot as the abductor took off with the infant. Hours later, a baby girl was found dead in a dumpster over a hundred miles south in Imperial Beach, California.

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