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Cameron Lied: Tory Defence Spending Plans Exposed As Farce

The government has hit the NATO-mandated two per cent spend on defence this year by “cooking the books”, but will have to find further fudges to keep their promises to the end of this parliament, finds a new report. Interested

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Admiral: British Military Now Too ‘Feeble’ For MidEast Role

The former First Sea Lord has said there are now “uncomfortable similarities” between today and the 1930s with Britain’s reluctance to arm itself adequately and get involved in confronting evil worldwide. Retired Admiral Sir Nigel Essenhigh said heavy defence cuts

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Senior Tory Admits Cameron has ‘Enfeebled’ UK Military

A senior backbench Conservative has attacked his own party’s defence policy record since 2010. In an interview with The Independent on Sunday Tory MP Dr Julian Lewis credited the previous Labour government with being more “strategic” on the future of the armed