Prudence or Paranoia? Dolphins Sent Extra Staff to New England to Guard Equipment

Cartman as Brady and Belichick

The Miami Dolphins sent extra personnel to Foxboro to guard the team’s equipment in a game against the New England Patriots in October.

“When the Dolphins visited New England in late October, they took extra precautions to guard against potential malfeasance, multiple sources tell the Miami Herald,” the paper reported Tuesday night. “Most notably: the organization traveled to New England this year with more equipment staffers than they do for a usual road trip.”

With the Indianapolis Colts accusing the New England Patriots of intentionally playing with deflated balls last season and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin implying shenanigans in Foxboro concerning communications devices to start this season, Bill Belichick tends to get into the opposition’s head. Does he get into their luggage and equipment trunks, too?

Mike Tannenbaum, executive vice president of football operations for the Miami Dolphins, served as the New York Jets general manager when the team went to the NFL with concerns over New England ignoring a new rule prohibiting filming from the sideline. The complaints set off the Spygate controversy that ultimately cost the Patriots a first-round pick and Bill Belichick a half-million dollars. Tannenbaum got his start in the National Football League under Belichick in Cleveland.

“It wasn’t a coincidence,” the Herald reports of the extra employees. “It was a preventative measure. The extra staffing ensured that no Patriots employee would have any reason to touch (and potentially tamper with) their gear ahead of or during the Thursday night game.”

Bringing extra players rather than added staff might have been a better idea. The Patriots squished the fish 36-7 in October. The teams meet again on Sunday.


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