Dick Costolo

Why Disney Passed on Buying Twitter

Although Disney seemed like the perfect suitor for Twitter, the company passed on the strategic acquisition over concerns that social media’s bullying, raunchy language and hate speech risked undermining the Magic Kingdom’s wholesome family image.

Mickey Mouse (Paul Hiffmeyer / Disney / Getty)

Twitter Co-Founder Puts Company in Buy-out Mode

After plunging to an all-time-low in June, Twitter’s rise to $19 per share on rumors of a buy-out picked up credibility this week when its co-founder said the wilting social network company must ponder options, such as a buy-out.

Twitter fail whale stencil (Wapster / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

BuzzFeed Identifies Twitter’s Problem: Too Many White Males

BuzzFeed believes it has found the cause of Twitter’s problems — too much free speech, and too many white males. The real problem (whiny Hollywood celebrities influencing company policy) is left to the end of the article.

Twitter Stock Crashes $1.6B After Cash Flow Plunges

After booting Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos — possibly the worst blunder in social media history — and alienating his 400,000 followers, Twitter announced that its user growth is dead, and that its cash flow estimate was cut by $80 million for the latest quarter.

Twitter fail whale stencil (Wapster / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Twitter’s Restraint of Conservative Speech Is Why It Is Failing

As Breitbart News has warned would happen after Obama bundler Chris Sacca led a Board of Directors coup last June to oust popular CEO Dick Costolo and muzzle conservative free speech, Twitter announced that their core users declined in late 2015.

Twitter, which has never earned a profit, said its loss in the past quarter narrowed to $90.2 million from $125 million a year earlier

Twitter Loses Almost Half Top Executives On Sunday

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey disclosed that almost half of Twitter’s senior managers are jumping ship, as the former #3 social media darling has fallen to #8 and monthly average users shrank by about 8 million since the end of October.