Egyptian Military

Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade take part in a military training exercise in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights near the border with Syria on January 19, 2015. Iran confirmed today that a general of its elite Revolutionary Guards died in an Israeli strike on Syria that also killed six members …

IDF Upgrades Security Along Southern Border, Fearing Islamic State Attacks

The IDF recently decided to invest millions of shekels in the security of the Israel-Egypt border, including purchasing new vehicles for Border Police undercover commandos patrolling the border fence, in order to close a gap opened in recent years with drug-smuggling gangs in the Sinai Peninsula.


Hamas Raises Alert Level Following Eilat Rocket Attack

Hamas on Wednesday raised its readiness level in the wake of four rockets fired on Israel from the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, as well as claims that the Israel Air Force struck a cross-border tunnel between Egypt and Gaza, killing two.


Egyptian Newspaper Urges Country to Strike Islamic State in Libya

TEL AVIV – Columnists at Egyptian daily Al-Watan are calling for Egypt to launch preemptive strikes in Libya against the Islamic State, for fear that the terror group will attack Egyptian soil. The articles, translated by MEMRI,  were both published


Islamists Strike Egyptian Military In Wave Of Sinai Ambush Attacks

Islamic militants carried out a wave of terror attacks on early Thursday in the Sinai Peninsula. In the most deadly of five separate attacks, over fifteen Egyptian soldiers were killed, and at least nineteen were wounded, officials stated. All of the assaults were carried out near the military checkpoint in Sheikh Zuweid, which is located mere miles from the Gaza Strip.