Venezuelan Refugee ‘Favelas’ Pop Up in Brazil

Brazil is observing the development of a growing number of poverty-stricken favelas, or slums, as thousands of Venezuelans emigrate amid from country’s unprecedented economic and humanitarian crisis.

The cable car over the Alemao favela in Rio de Janeiro is no longer running

Mr. President, Ending DACA Also Will Make Mexico Great Again

President Donald Trump has an unprecedented opportunity to greatly improve the lives of the working people of Mexico and Latin America. How? By shutting down former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program on its fifth anniversary.


Nearly 1-in-5 Global Migrants Live in the U.S., Most in the World

The United States is home to vastly more immigrants than any other country in the world, but its immigrant population is less diverse than many other nations, with more than a fourth of foreign-born residents originating from a single country: Mexico.

The Associated Press

For the Rich, Green Greed Is Good: From the Enclosure Acts to Eminent Domain

Yes, the past always repeats itself. In our first installment, we saw how, in the 18th century, the English aristocracy went about clearing the peasants off of valuable land. To be sure, everything that the aristocrats did was legal — of course it was, because the gentry wrote the laws.

For the Rich, Green Greed Is Good: From the Enclosure Acts to Eminent Domain

Pope Francis: Curb Migration by Making Home More Attractive

Though a staunch defender of a human right to migration, Francis addressed the immense damage done to nations when their best and brightest leave home for greener pastures, a reality that has struck Bosnia and Herzegovina with a special vengeance.

Pope Francis leads the synod of bishops in Paul VI's hall at the Vatican