ESPN ratings drop

ESPN’s $240 Million/Yr. ACC Produces 1 Sweet 16 Team, Fox Sports Debut Conferences Produce 8

Four years ago ESPN increased its annual payment to the ACC to $240 million as part of an attempt to make it the greatest basketball conference in history, and prevent Fox Sports from getting off the ground with a basketball lineup of the Big East to its lineup of the Big 12 and Pac-12. This week ESPN’s “greatest conference ever” produced only one Sweet 16 team (UNC) while the three Fox Sports’ conferences produced eight.

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ESPN Murdered in Ratings Last Year, Now Nearly Dead

One struggles to put into proper perspective the sheer collapse that has befallen the “worldwide leader.” Yet, while the final numbers from 2016 start to come in, that perspective has started to take shape.


Calls to Sell ESPN Grow Louder as Network Hemorrhages Viewers ‘In Record Numbers’

The Washington Post predicts “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” will make Disney a ton of money. Yet, no matter how well the movie does, the film will likely get “overshadowed” by ESPN’s hemorrhaging of viewers “in record numbers,” resulting in growing angst and alarm among investors in the Magic Kingdom.


Disney Could Sell ESPN, Due To Massive Subscriber Loss

Using the backdrop of Disney’s plummeting shares, a drop in value in no way helped by ESPN losing nine million subscribers in the last three years, Bloomberg’s Tara Lachapelle describes a possible move that Disney CEO Bob Iger could make to reverse the company’s sagging fortunes.

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ESPN Loses Subscribers, Colin Kaepernick Can’t Understand Why

Traditionally not strange bedfellows, ESPN and Monday Night Football should make for a nice, natural fit. However, the bed they made together appears to have caught fire, and the anthem-kneeling, social-justice-warrior love child they created now dumps gasoline on the flames.

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