The Gonzo Awards: The Worst of Esports in 2015 Pt. 1

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when it comes to eSports the self-congratulatory end of year scenes are akin to what the average British public schoolboy would encounter in the dorm after dark: a sweaty, frenzied mass of guilt-free circle-jerking where everyone gets their turn, a blend of giddy exhaustion and gratification leaving the group satisfied.

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‘SMITE’ World Championship Day 1: First Round Rumble

Welcome to the second part of Breitbart Tech’s coverage of the SMITE World Championship. Thursday’s placement rounds were a series of outright massacres. Victories were early and decisive, as each team fought to establish their place in the Quarter Finals.


Breitbart Tech at the ‘SMITE’ World Championship: Meet the Teams

The stage is set. The atmosphere is electric, and as people jostle their way into the Cobb Energy Centre, the air carries the sharply peculiar pungance of energy drinks, sweat, and unabashed excitement. Very soon, a new breed of athletes will take center stage in front of more than 3,000 screaming fans and countless millions more on the internet.


Riot Games, eSports Team Owners Reportedly Clash over Merchandising Strategy

Riot Games currently have their annual League of Legends team owners conference underway. The event is where Riot orientates new team owners, discusses rule and strategy changes, as well as discussing matters that they believe to be of an overarching concern for teams and their product alike. After only the first day, sources have contacted Breitbart to inform us that several team owners are outraged at some of Riot’s proposals for the upcoming season.


ROCCAT Coach Looking To Leave

Following reports that the European League of Legends squad for ROCCAT Gaming has had two of its players signed by H2K for the start of the 2016 LCS season, it looks like coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi will be also leaving the organisation.


ESport Investor Trig Social Media’s Stockholm Offices Raided by Police

ESports investor Trig Social Media had their Stockholm offices raided by authorities in relation to their investigation for stock market fraud and financial impropriety. The raids are the latest chapter in a lengthy tale of delusions of grandeur, lies, and ultimately failure since Trig announced their involvement in eSports in December 2014.


H2K and TSM Drama Escalates: Legal Battle Threatened

Following Breitbart’s report that North American organisation Team Solo Mid were looking to pry Danish League of Legends jungler Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen away from comparative European minnows H2K, things are starting to get ugly.

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ESports 101: A Guide to the Booming Business of Competitive Gaming

The internet is a virtual primordial soup that creates its own subcultures, mostly uninfluenced by mainstream society, and when it comes to sports, yes they have their own as well; competitive gaming, or for the initiated, “eSports,” where the very best players come together to compete for prestige and prize money.

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