Report: Yahoo in Talks to Buy Major League Gaming

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

According to sources close to New York based E-sports organisation Major League Gaming, the company is currently in sales talks with California tech giant Yahoo for an undisclosed fee.

The move comes amid an increasing number of companies looking to invest in the growing world of broadcast competitive gaming.

“The talks are quite advanced and are about 95% complete,” one source informed Breitbart. “MLG have already been making plans for the future, especially in regards to CS:GO. The deal should be wrapped up before 2016.”

Major League Gaming, founded in 2002, has been one of the jewels in the crown of North American e-sports for many years, especially known for their Halo and Call of Duty console competitions. Having branched out to PC Games with World of Warcraft in 2008, they continued down that road in 2010 with Starcraft 2 and subsequently moved into both League of Legends and Dota 2. Most recently they announced a circuit for the Xbox One’s iteration of SMITE, which started in August.

Yet despite serving so many different audiences, the company itself has had to rely on $69 million of venture capital from the Oak Investment Partners group since 2006. In a 2013 New York Times article, the company’s president and co-founder, Mike Sepso, admitted it would be “the first full year that we’ll be profitable.”

In regards to Sepso once the deal is completed, it seems he shall be taking a position with another company. The same sources have stated that he has agreed to join developer Activision-Blizzard, where he shall adopt a senior role within the Call of Duty division of the company.

When asked to comment on the story MLG offered the following statement: “Major League Gaming doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation. However, if you’d like to discuss Hearthstone deck strategies now that Patron has been nuked – give us a holler.”


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