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Exposed: Secret EU Plan To Splash Millions On PR Campaign Selling Itself

European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to splash nearly €26 million next year on a vanity project to sell the benefits of EU membership. The push would be the biggest-ever EU corporate communications effort and is built around the theme of “A New Boost for Jobs, Growth


Brussels Belittles Women with PC-Crusade Against the ‘Glass Ceiling’

Amid the tumult of Greek debt negotiations – the EU’s “Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality” has proposed imposing bizarre new measures to encourage more women to stay in science and technical careers, citing a “glass ceiling” holding back their advancement. It


Rubbish: Hectoring EU Demands Britons Recyle More Or Face Fines

Consider yourself warned. Britons could be fined for not recycling a staggering 70 per cent of their rubbish under controversial new plans set out by faceless Eurocrats. In a vote in Strasbourg yesterday, 394 MEPs backed the plan, which advocates an overall EU

Soldiers of a Eurocorps detachment raise the European Union flag to mark the inaugural European Parliament session on June 30, 2014, in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France.

Eastern Europe Warns UK: Do Not Touch ‘Red Lines’ Of Migrant Rights

Less than a week since the Conservative Party’s general election victory and with the ink still drying on the Prime Minister’s Cabinet appointments list, the opening salvos have been fired in the EU renegotiation battle. EU ministers from Hungary, Poland and

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Brussels Spouts Nonsense: Forces UK To Accept Mediterranean Migrants

The European Union could force Britain to take tens of thousands of new refugees pulled from the Mediterranean under plans being drawn up by commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. The demand will likely cause David Cameron’s first confrontation with the EU

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Happy St George’s Day: EU Declares War on British Culture

On the back foot and with no rational arguments, Europhiles are increasingly turning to wishy-washy emotional reasons for staying within the EU. In light of this, it is unsurprising Brussels is now pushing for an integrated “European culture” programme to

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Meddling EU Wants To Call Time on British TV, Music and Film Industries

After successfully destroying our agricultural and fishing industries and making a start on bringing ruin to the City of London, Brussels has now revealed the next few prosperous British sectors on its hit list – our envied television, film and music industries.