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Facebook ads

Facebook Delays Political Ad ID Checks After Complete Failure of System

Facebook has delayed its requirement for political advertisement purchasers to prove their identity, after users managed to cheat the system — purchasing ads indicating they were “paid for by” Mike Pence, U.S. Senators, and even ISIS — according to a report.

Turnbull wants Zuckerberg to answer questions in Australia

Facebook Blocks Foreign Ads Ahead of Ireland’s Abortion Referendum

“Where is the evidence that our electoral integrity has been compromised?” Uí Bhriain continued. “Was it because the polls are tightening? Was it because it looks like this referendum – which is absolutely supported by the media establishment and political establishment – is going to be rejected by the people?”

Save the 8th Ireland

Nolte: CNN Reports Russian Facebook Ads Promoted Black Lives Matter

At long last, we appear to finally have some proof that the Russians interfered in American democracy. Before some of you get too excited, there is still zero proof of any collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. There is still zero proof the Russians in any way “hacked the 2016 election.” There is still zero proof the Russians changed a single vote in 2016.

A women holds up a placard with the slogan "Black Lives Matter" as people march in Brixton, south London to protest against police brutality in the US after two recent incidents where black men have been shot and killed by police officers

Report: Robert Mueller Obtains Russian Facebook Ads from Election

FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly “now in possession of Russian-linked ads run on Facebook during the presidential election,” which he obtained with a search warrant. According to CNN, “Facebook gave Mueller and his team copies of ads and

Robert Mueller, a Vietnam war vet who served as director of the FBI from 2001 to 2013, is described as enjoying seamless respect from Democrats and Republicans alike