Nolte: CNN Reports Russian Facebook Ads Promoted Black Lives Matter

A women holds up a placard with the slogan "Black Lives Matter" as people march in Brixton

At long last, we appear to finally have some proof that the Russians interfered in American democracy. Before some of you get too excited, there is still zero proof of any collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. There is still zero proof the Russians in any way “hacked the 2016 election.” There is still zero proof the Russians changed a single vote in 2016.

According to CNN, though, what we do have proof of is that in late 2015 and early 2016, the Russians used Facebook ads to promote Black Lives Matter.

Moreover, the report also says that the Russians’ overall goal in Ferguson and Baltimore was pretty much the same as CNN’s overall goal in Ferguson and Baltimore — to stir up division and chaos.

Here is CNN’s own Wednesday night report (emphasis added):

At least one of the Facebook ads bought by Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign referenced Black Lives Matter and was specifically targeted to reach audiences in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, sources with knowledge of the ads told CNN.

The Black Lives Matter ad appeared on Facebook at some point in late 2015 or early 2016, the sources said. The sources said it appears the ad was meant to appear both as supporting Black Lives Matter but also could be seen as portraying the group as threatening to some residents of Baltimore and Ferguson.

New descriptions of the Russian-bought ads shared with CNN suggest that the apparent goal of the Russian buyers was to amplify political discord and fuel an atmosphere of incivility and chaos, though not necessarily to promote one candidate or cause over another. Facebook’s review of Russian efforts on its platform focused on a timeframe from June 2015 to May 2017.

It is rather cute how CNN dances around the inconvenient idea that the Russian ads promoted Black Lives Matter, but, you know, not really-really promoted because some might-could-maybe-possibly-perhaps read them another way.

Nevertheless, even CNN cannot dance around the bottom line, the fact that the Red Menace’s goal in Ferguson and Baltimore, to Russian campaign to “amplify political discord … fuel … incivility and chaos” aligns perfectly with — surprise, surprise — the American left!

Sowing “chaos” and “discord” in those two cities was the exact same goal pursued by Democrats, Black Lives Matter, the national media, and, most especially, CNN.

That goal is seen in CNN’s objectively appalling behavior in Baltimore and Ferguson and the left-wing network’s relentless campaign to whip up violencehatred against law enforcement, racial animosity, and intentional provocations. CNN contributors spread lies, openly calling for increased rioting while on the air – which must have had the Russians standing and cheering.

Here we are, though, more than a year into the Russian collusion “scandal,” and all we know so far is that Red Peril is guilty of doing what it has been doing in the United States for more than a hundred years — aligning with the American left to foment chaos.

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