Falkland Islands

(AFP) - Argentina says it has agreed with Britain to …

Argentina Says to Discuss Falklands War Dead with UK

Argentina says it has agreed with Britain to discuss exhuming and identifying Argentines who were buried in the Falklands after being killed in the countries’ 1982 war over the islands.

Argentina's new conservative government affirmed on Sunday that it will …

New Government, Same claim over Falklands in Argentina

Argentina’s new conservative government affirmed on Sunday that it will continue to press the country’s claims to the Falkland Islands, which Britain insists that it owns. Britain and Argentina fought a two-month long war over the archipelago in 1982, in

Mauricio Macri

UK, Argentina Aim To ‘Strengthen Relations’ After Election

Britain’s David Cameron and Argentina’s president-elect Mauricio Macri (pictured above) agreed to “strengthen relations” between their countries after a phone call Thursday, Downing Street said. Britain and Argentina have long had tense ties due to their territorial dispute over the


Argentina Elects Pro-Business Macri After 12 Years Of Kirchner Rule

Argentina, in a stinging repudiation of outgoing leftist President Cristina Kirchner, elected a pro-market government president to take the helm of Latin America’s third-biggest economy. Conservative president-elect Mauricio Macri, fresh from Sunday’s run-off election win, promised a “marvelous” new era

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Labour Front Bench Rift Opens Over Falkland Islands

BRIGHTON, United Kingdom – Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made waves in the South Atlantic this month because of his view that the Falkland Islands are ‘negotiable’ – yet senior figures close to him are openly expressing dissent. Buenos Aires was not shy in

Falkland Islands

Falkland Islanders to Corbyn: ‘Don’t Even Think About It’

Falkland Islanders have told new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “We’re British… don’t even think about it.” Corbyn is well known for his opposition to the Falkland War, which took place in 1982, and his proposal to install a joint administration alongside


Britain Bolsters Air Defence Radars For Falklands Amid ‘Live Threat’

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has purchased new air defence radars to upgrade and bolster systems on the Falkland Islands. The move comes amid continued aggressive rhetoric from Argentina and news they are attempting to upgrade their fighter jet fleet. Britain


Argentina Broadcasts English Language Propaganda To Falkland Islands

For the past two years, Argentina’s state broadcaster has been trying to broadcast English-language propaganda to the residents of the Falkland Islands, the British South Atlantic Territory claimed by the Latin American nation, but its efforts have not exactly been


British Anger Over Argentine Threat to Seize Falkland Oil Company Assets

Britain has accused Argentina of threatening extra-judicial action in seizing the assets of drilling firms operating outside of their area of influence and “attempting to strangle the Falkland Islands hydrocarbons industry”. On Saturday, a federal judge in Tierra del Fuego


Thatcher: BBC Assisted the Enemy During Falklands War

Margaret Thatcher accused the BBC of “assisting the enemy” during the Falklands War by broadcasting the moves British troops were likely to make before they actually happened, new documents reveal. Baroness Thatcher wrote that she was “very angry” at how


Plain-Speaking Islanders Tell Argentine Government To ‘Falk Off’

Falkland Islanders have delivered a blunt message to the Argentine government as it launched a legal campaign to stop them searching for oil in their own coastal waters. Daniel Filmus, Argentina’s minister for the disputed islands, announced the country had begun legal proceedings


Argentina Issues New Currency Featuring UK’s Falkland Islands

A new 50-peso bill will begin circulating in Argentina in March featuring the map of the Falkland Islands– an English-speaking region of the United Kingdom the government of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner continues to insist belongs to Argentina.


Falklands On High State Of Alert, Hundreds Of Troops Sent

A force of around 1000 soldiers will be sent to the Falkland Islands in groups of 150 to 300, to train them for a rapid deployment. The move comes as the Falklands faces its biggest threat from Argentina in nearly