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Media Cover Up Illegal Immigrant Criminality

Much of the hubbub surrounding the comments on illegal immigration by Donald Trump springs from the fact that there are no verifiable statistics from the state level on illegal immigrant crime.

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GOP Rep. Slated To Introduce Legislation Targeting Sanctuary Cities

Hunter’s bill would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to restrict funding to any state or locality that has in place a law, policy or procedure in contravention of federal immigration law, preventing “state or local law enforcement officials from gathering information regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual.

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California’s Democrats Have Blood on Their Hands in S.F. Murder

Congratulations to Brown, Harris, Newsom and Ammiano. This killing is the result of your policy of coddling dangerous criminals, and your rampant obsession with protecting criminal illegal aliens is now on display for all the public to see. Don’t look now, but the blood on your hands is dripping onto your Gucci loafers.

Pier 14 murder (Screenshot / Facebook / SFPD)

Murderer: I Chose SF Because It Is A ‘Sanctuary City’

Five-time deportee, seven-time convicted felon Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez said in a new interview Sunday with a local ABC News affiliate that he came to San Francisco because he knew the sanctuary city would not hand him over to immigration officials.

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BREAKING: Pier 14 Murder Suspect Had Been Deported 5 Times with 7 Felonies

Five-time deportee and seven-time convicted felon Francisco Sanchez has been jailed on suspicion of shooting and killing 31-year-old Kathryn Steinle Wednesday evening while taking photos with her father at Pier 14 in San Francisco, California. Sanchez was freed after the San Francisco Sheriff’s

Pier 14 murder (Screenshot / Facebook / SFPD)