Suspect in Shocking S.F. Murder ‘Deported to Mexico Several Times’

Screenshot / Facebook

The man suspected of gunning down a young woman at random at a popular San Francisco tourist spot on Wednesday has been “deported to Mexico several times,” according to a report by the local ABC News affiliate.

The woman, 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle (“Kate”), was struck in the chest with a bullet while visiting Pier 14 on the Embarcadero with her family. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but doctors were unable to save her, as she died in her parents’ arms a few hours later.

The suspect, Francisco Sanchez, was identified as being in his mid-40s and on probation from Texas due to previous, undisclosed crimes. He was arrested after tips from passers-by. Officials said that the killing appeared to be random. Police believe they have recovered the murder weapon from the waters of the San Francisco Bay near the pier, where the suspect allegedly tossed it.

On Thursday, two news crews filming live at Pier 14 were mugged at the scene, and one cameraman was pistol-whipped.

The San Francisco Chronicle described Steinle’s last moments in heartbreaking detail:

“She fought for her life,” [Liz] Sullivan said, adding that her daughter’s heart had stopped two times, and was restarted, in the ambulance.

“It was a battle, but she just didn’t make it,” she said. “It was horrific, but we knew the minute they came to talk to us, it wasn’t good. But it was so nice to go in and be with her.”

Sullivan said that in their final moments together, she softly touched her daughter’s face — a face she used to paint when the young woman was a little girl.

“We have deep faith,” Jim Steinle said, adding, “Our faith isn’t to the point where we’re ready to forgive.”



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