The Left’s Hypocrisy: Murder Proves Need for Gun Control, but Not End of Sanctuary Cities

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On Friday, California Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris continued to defend sanctuary cities after illegal alien Francisco Lopez-Sanchez confessed to murdering Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. She attempted to justify this stance by suggesting that the admitted crime of one illegal alien should not dictate immigration policy for all illegals.

A better example of the left’s hypocrisy on murder would be hard to find. On the one hand, when one criminal commits a public crime with a gun, the left falls into line to punish all gun owners with new gun laws. On the other hand, when an illegal immigrant admits to gunning down a woman on San Francisco’s Pier 14, they it has nothing to do with their preferred policy.

According to the San Francisco ChronicleHarris responded to news of Sanchez’s five previous deportations, seven felony charges, and alleged murder of Steinle by saying, “What needs to be looked at is… comprehensive immigration reform — that’s the bottom line. Let’s not react to one specific case, when we are looking at a national problem.”

She added, “Let’s react to that specific case in prosecuting that specific murder, and making sure he faces very swift consequences and accountability,” she said. “On the issue of immigration policy, let’s be smarter.”

Yet in 2013, when Harris was pushing for better a gun confiscation plan for an outstanding list of prohibited persons who own guns, the Huffington Post reported she had no problem casting a wide net and defending it by saying, “This is not about ideology or politics. It is a false choice to suggest you are either in support of the Second Amendment or in favor of reasonable gun safety rules. We can do both.”

And August 2012 the Davis Guard reported that Harris endorsed an “assault weapons” ban that impacted any Californian who owned a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine. The bill’s sponsor, Democratic state senator Senator Leland Yee, argued that the ban was necessary because “similarly-styled weapons were used in the Aurora, Colorado massacre.”

Harris had no problem supporting that ban, although it was a reaction to the murderous actions of a lone gunman in Colorado.

But ask her now about abolishing sanctuary cities, and she’ll tell you overarching immigration policy should not be set based on the actions of one illegal alien in San Francisco.

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