Destroying America’s Energy Industry with Phony Methane Issues

What is the “biggest unfinished business for the Obama administration?” According to a report from Bill McKibben, the outspoken climate alarmist who calls for keeping all fossil fuels in the ground, it is “to establish tight rules on methane emissions”—emissions that he blames on the “rapid spread of fracking.”

Sand Causes Cancer

Mark Ruffalo Tells President Obama It’s Time to Ban Fracking

Golden Globe nominated actor-director Mark Ruffalo wrote an editorial for tinsel town’s Variety blasting President Obama for supporting fracking and announcing the release of his film, Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution Is Now.

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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Premiere of GASHOAX

GASHOAX — A short film by Phelim McAleer highlighting the health hoaxes pushed by Josh Fox. GASHOAX has been produced to call attention to Fox’s ongoing health scares from flaming faucets to breast cancer to the latest unfounded allegations contained in his latest film GASWORK which is also being released today.


Another Health Hoax from Gasland’s Josh Fox

Journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer is releasing a new short film that draws attention to the scaremongering and deceptive tactics of anti-fracking activists.


Why I Made Gashoax

Josh Fox claims to be a documentary filmmaker, but in reality he is a political activist who uses health hoaxes to scare people.

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