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Goodwill Zwelithini

South Africa Arrests 200 Immigrants in Raid Following Xenophobic Attacks

South African law enforcement has arrested 198 illegal immigrants in a raid in Johannesburg, following weeks of violent attacks on known foreigners and foreigner-owned small businesses by South African natives for unspecified “criminal activity.” The number of those arrested in one night is about 100 less than the total of those arrested for participating in riots and attacks that have taken the lives of seven and caused an international firestorm against the South African government.


Nigeria May Take Zulu King to ICC over South African Xenophobic Violence

The Nigerian Senate is contemplating bringing Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini to the International Criminal Court for remarks in which he called immigrants to South Africa “ants” and “head lice,” remarks believed to have triggered a growing wave of xenophobic violence in that country.


Seven Dead, Hundreds Arrested as Xenophobic Violence Sweeps South Africa

The South African government has announced the arrest of more than 300 people accused of partaking in violence against immigrants and refugees in the country, after mob attacks have left seven dead and prompted at least two other African countries to repatriate their citizens, fearing for their safety.