Greece-Macedonia border

Greece Sees Jump in Migrant Border Crossings

THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — Greek police detained 214 Syrian refugees after they crossed a river that forms a natural border with Turkey, authorities said Wednesday.


EU Border Agency: We’re Unprepared for New Wave of Migrants

After the closure of the Balkan route, the European Union border agency Frontex warns that Europe is woefully unprepared for another large wave of migrants. One year ago this month saw the start of the migrant crisis which has seen

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Hungarian Police Secure Camp, Stop Migrants Marching On Budapest

(REUTERS) – Hungarian police secured a fenced-in migrant processing centre near the Serbian border on Wednesday to block about 300 protesting migrants from marching to Budapest, police said in a statement. A Syrian chosen as spokesman for the protest gave

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Half of Idomeni Camp Migrants Missing

After the Greek government successfully cleared 8,000 migrants from the Idomeni camp, half of them have gone missing. The notorious Idomeni migrant camp, that has been the subject of attempted border crossings, riots and even deaths, was finally cleared as of


Greece Starts Evacuating Idomeni Migrant Camp After Week Of Riots

(AFP) – At least 200 police started clearing Greece’s squalid Idomeni camp Tuesday on the border with Macedonia, where over 8,400 migrants are living, according to AFP. A helicopter hovered over the camp, where some 20 police vans and dozens

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WATCH: ‘Worst Ever’ Riots Erupt At Greek Border Migrant Camp

Migrants on the border between Greece and Macedonia have rioted, lit fires, charged police and attempted to block a railway during a protest demanding open borders. Police responded with tear gas. The camp on the border village of Idomeni has

Migrants rioted at Idomeni in Greece

VIDEO: Migrants Hurl Tear Gas At Police, Tear Down Border Fence

A week of rioting and coordinated assaults on the Greece-Macedonia border continued today, with migrants tearing fences down and launching tear gas at border police. Yesterday, left wing activists were detained accused of instigating the ongoing unrest. More than

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IN PICTURES: Kurds, Arab Migrants War With Police And Each Other

Conflict has erupted once again on the Greece-Macedonia border, as migrants fought police and then each other, with Kurds pitched against Arabs. Exploding gas canisters rocked the camp at the village of Idomeni, and migrant protestors dragged a train wagon

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Greece Postpones Deportations From Large Migrant Camps

The landmark EU-Turkey migrant summit deal may already be failing as Greece decides to postpone deportations in large migrant camps. There were no deportations of migrants from the Greek island of Lesbos on Tuesday because, according to the Greeks, there


Violence On the Rise in Greek Migrant Camps

Across migrant camps in Greece incidents of violence, from assaults to stabbings, are escalating in number as inter-ethnic conflicts erupt. Disputes between different nationalities in Piraeus, Idomeni and the island of Chios have led to a wave of violent attacks

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Macedonia Sends Over 1,000 Migrants Back To Greece

Some 1,500 migrants who managed to cross into Macedonia, despite the border being closed to them for a week, have been sent back to Greece by Macedonian troops, officials said Tuesday. The desperate group of men, women and children had


PICTURES: No Borders Hippies Lead Migrant Death March, Thousands Detained

Blond haired activists with piercings and dreadlocks allegedly led three migrants to their deaths yesterday, distributing inaccurate maps and corralling them across a river. Hundred of migrants have been returned to Greece, and the activists walked free with €250 fines. Around


EU Ministers Meet As Balkan Migrant Route Slammed Shut

(AFP) – EU interior ministers were set to meet in Brussels Thursday to discuss the migrant crisis after western Balkan nations slammed shut their borders, exacerbating a dire humanitarian situation on the Macedonian frontier. The scheduled two-day meeting will tackle

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Greece Says EU Migrant Sharing Is ‘Absolute Emergency’

(AFP) – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday demanded the “urgent” relocation of thousands of refugees to other EU countries, as neighbouring Macedonia further tightened a border blockade trapping them in his country. He made the call on the

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EU Warns Greece Over ‘Seriously Neglected’ Borders

(AFP) – Greece has failed to protect the EU’s external frontiers from migrants and faces border controls with the rest of the Schengen passport-free zone in three months if it fails to act, the European Commission said Wednesday. The highly

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Macedonia Closes Border with Greece to Migrants

Skopje (AFP) – Macedonia has closed its border with Greece to migrants, police in Skopje said Wednesday, blocking the path of hundreds trying to reach northern Europe. “The border is closed,” a senior Macedonian police official told AFP, while a


Greece Starts Removing Stranded Migrants At Macedonia Border

IDOMENI, Greece (Reuters) – Greek police started removing hundreds of migrants stranded on the Greece Macedonia border and blocking rail traffic on Wednesday, a police official and a Reuters eyewitness said. Some 1,200 people mostly from Pakistan, Morocco and Iran,

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Greece-Macedonia Border Becomes Battleground As Migrants Forcibly Halted

The Greece-Macedonia border is holding back an increasing flood tide of stalled migrants as authorities on both sides of the frontier try to stem the human flow travelling overland through Greece. Greek authorities estimate almost 2,000 migrants have crossed into Macedonia from Greece,