20 Million Migrants Waiting To Come, President of Macedonia Slams Merkel


The President of Macedonia has laid into the German Chancellor for exposing all of Europe to jihadi terror and a migrant influx — which could potentially reach 20 million — due to her open invitation to so-called ‘refugees’.

“The refugee flow won’t end, because everyone knows everything via Twitter and Facebook”, explained President Gjorge Ivanov.

Whilst conceding that Angela Merkel “has shown courage” in a “humanitarian” respect, he added:

“But no one has the courage to say what still lies ahead. Between Sudan and Egypt alone, 20 million migrants are waiting to come to Europe”.

Speaking to Bild, Mr. Ivanov also said the European Union (EU) had “completely lost sight” of security issues as migrant pour from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries with large numbers of Islamist extremists.

“If we had relied on Brussels rather than react ourselves, we would have been flooded with jihadists,” he said, explaining authorities in Macedonia have confiscated some 9,000 forged or stolen passports.

Despite this, EU countries including Germany had declined to share information on jihadist militants or biometric identification technology, he said, adding:

“In the refugee crisis, we are now paying for the EU’s mistakes, we have already spent 25 million euros ($28 million) of our taxpayers’ money and had to declare a national crisis.”

Macedonia is not a member of the EU, but Chancellor Merkel’s open door refugee policy and the failure of EU member Greece to do anything other that “wave through” migrants has forced them to act.

With thousands of unchecked, mostly economic migrants and potential Jihadists entering their country every day, they constructed a fence (pictured above) and began to close their borders on the 20th February.

“And what did we get from Europe in return? Nothing! Not a cent! Instead, we, as a non-EU country, are now forced to protect Europe from an EU country, namely Greece”, exclaimed Mr. Ivanov.

More than 12,000 people have been stranded at Idomeni, on the Macedonian border with Greece, after this main artery on the so-called Balkans migrant route to Western Europe was effectively shut down.

Despite pleading with Greece and Turkey (and bribing them billions) to stem the migrant flow, an ungrateful Angela Merkel went on to attack Macedonia and other Balkan nations for acting effectively to stop the flow.

She said the border closures were “neither sustainable nor lasting” and lobbied to have the words “the Balkans route is closed” removed from a fawning EU statement with Turkey.


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