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Benjamin Howe II/Getty Images

Man Charged with Hacking Celeb Emails to Steal Scripts and Sex Tapes

A Bahamian man hacked into celebrities’ email accounts to steal unreleased movie and TV scripts and sex tapes and peddled some of the scripts, boasting to an undercover agent that he had dossiers on at least 130 stars and bigshots in entertainment, sports and media, federal prosecutors in New York said.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn: Climate Deniers Were Invented By Fox News

Top international global warming expert Sean Penn has given his verdict on the COP21 Paris climate conference: everything’s going to be OK because both his kids drive Priuses and because climate change “deniers” don’t actually exist. Penn, who met with France’s

LAX (prayitnophotography / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

LAX Departure Tax to Pay for Ritzy Limousine Liberal Lounge

The Board of the Los Angeles Airport Commission voted unanimously to build at taxpayers’ cost a ritzy private lounge to cater to the whims of uber-wealthy Hollywood celebrities, sports figures, diplomats and politicians seeking to avoid mixing with taxpayers.