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Sci-Fi’s Hugo Awards Swept by Anti-SJW Authors — Again!

For the second year in a row, nominations for the prestigious Hugo Awards for science fiction & fantasy have been swept by the Sad Puppies & Rabid Puppies, two groups of authors and fans who oppose left-wing domination of the community.


Vox Day book turns Amazon Kindle store into battleground

The online culture wars have moved out of comments sections and into Amazon’s Kindle Store. Following the publication of a book by the controversial sci-fi author Theodore Beale aka Vox Day, two parody e-books surged to the top of the store’s

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Rise of the Cultural Libertarians

A new force is emerging in the culture wars. Authoritarians of all stripes, from religious reactionaries to left-wing “social justice warriors,” are coming under fire from a new wave of thinkers, commentators, and new media stars who reject virtually all of their


TORpedoed! Media narrative on Hugo Awards incorrect, says Tor Books founder

Earlier this year, we reported on the “Sad Puppies”, a campaign by a politically diverse set of sci-fi and fantasy authors to promote political tolerance, openness, and creative freedom within the medium. Because their chief opponents were a set of hard-line progressive

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The Hugo Wars: How Sci-fi’s Most Prestigious Awards Became a Political Battleground

Few walks of life are today immune to the spectre of political intolerance. At universities, speaker disinvitations and censorship campaigns are at an all-time high. In technology, there are purges of chief executives with the wrong political views and executives who make the wrong sort of joke. In the world of video games, petitions are launched against “offensive” titles, and progressive journalists wage smear campaigns against conservative developers.