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Hungarian Opposition to Reintroduce Migrant Ban Amendment

Hungary’s right-wing Jobbik party is to resubmit a proposed constitutional amendment to parliament which would ban the resettlement of migrants in the country, after it fell thanks to its own members voting against it.


Belgrade Migrants Make a Break for the Hungarian Border

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Several hundred refugees set off from central Belgrade on Tuesday morning and headed for the Hungarian border, holding handwritten banners and chanting demands for open borders, Reuters witnesses said.


Orban: EU Cannot Force Hungary to Accept Migrants

(AFP) – Populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Sunday the EU could not force Hungary to accept migrants on its soil, after low voter turnout voided his referendum aimed at rejecting a contested quota plan. “Brussels cannot force its will


Hungarians Set to Reject Migrant Quotas in Boon for PM Orban

An overwhelming majority of Hungarians are expected to reject the European Union’s migrant quotas in a referendum on Sunday, which should boost Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s standing at home and embolden him in his battles with Brussels.

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Hungary Accuses ‘Migrant Helpers’ Of Organized Criminality

The spokesman for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has denounced European Union citizens who helped smuggle migrants through his country calling them organized criminals. In a fiery speech to the press in Brussels on Monday Zoltán Kovács, the spokesman for

The Hungarian government's spokesman Zoltan Kovacs informs the press in Szeged on September 15, 2015 as the government establishes the 'Crisis situation' in two border counties of Hungary due to a new border protection law coming into force. Hungary has sealed the last gap in the barricade along its border …

Hungary Gears Up To Build New Anti-Migrant Fence

A new fence, electronic surveillance equipment and a paved road for police “border hunters” are all part of Hungary’s continuing efforts to stop the flow of migrants and refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa at its southern borders.

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Survey: 90 Percent of Hungarians Against Illegal Migration

A new survey in Hungary has found overwhelming support for curbing mass illegal migration, as nine out of ten citizens directly oppose illegal migrants entering the country. Hungary has been one of the most critical nations of the mass migration policies

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