Oliver Lane and Chris Tomlinson


Exclusive: Grenell on Soros, Breitbart, and Diplomacy

Ambassador Richard Grenell believes Andrew Breitbart “did more for me getting this job than almost anyone,” and that globalist financier George Soros works to benefit the few — not the many.


Outrage As Church Holds Muslim Funeral for Islamic State Fighter

A German pastor has decided to hold a Muslim funeral for a 17-year-old who died fighting for Islamic State in Syria, leaving many outraged. Pastor Sieghard Wilm of the protestant St. Pauli Church in Hamburg is stirring strong emotions after

Citizen Militias

Swedish Leftists Claim Citizen Militias Are Far Right Front Groups

A Swedish ‘anti-racism’ magazine has claimed far right street vigilante groups are on the rise, often in reaction to events associated with the Europe migrant crisis. Jonathan Leman, a researcher at the anti-Nazi magazine “Expo” says that many cities and municipalities

Asylum Seekers

In Austria, Over Half Of All ‘Asylum Seekers’ Commit Crimes

A new report on migrant crime reveals that for every 100 people who attempt to claim asylum in Austria an average of 55 criminal offences are committed, with some communities significantly more represented in statistics than others. The Austrian agency