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MUST-SEE: Black Woman Rips Council over Illegal Aliens

LOS ANGELES — Chanell Temple, a black woman originally from Huntington Park, delivered a strident, politically incorrect speech against illegal immigration on Monday evening at the local city council meeting.

Chanell Temple Huntington Park (Michelle Moons / Screenshot / Youtube)

WATCH: Latino Immigrant Blasts City over Illegal Aliens

Francisco Rivera is a legal immigrant who delivered an impassioned speech to the Huntington Park City Council on Monday night, joining other residents in protest against their decision to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions.

Francisco Rivera (Michelle Moons / Screenshot / Youtube)

Illegal Aliens in Office: Locals Slam City, Praise Donald Trump

The Huntington Park City Council in southeast Los Angeles faced a massive public backlash Monday night against the August 3 appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions. Outraged local residents filled a packed council meeting to overflowing in protest at the council’s move.

Huntington Park council (Michelle Moons / Breitbart News)