Report: ‘Series of Oversights’ Caused U.S. Soldier’s Death in Afghanistan

A “series of oversights” led an American military unit in Afghanistan to fall in a trap set up by the Taliban that ended up causing the death of a U.S. Army soldier in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, a known stronghold of the terrorist group, the New York Times (NYT) revealed this week.

Sgt. James Slape

Islamic State Chemical Weapons Capability Degraded, Analysts Say

BEIRUT — The siege of Mosul and targeted killings of chemical weapons experts in US-led coalition airstrikes have significantly degraded the Islamic State’s production capability, although the group likely retains expertise to produce small batches of sulfur mustard and chlorine agents, a London-based analysis group said Tuesday.

chemical weapons

Boko Haram Quadruples Female Suicide Bombers in Terror Attacks

In a major tactical shift in its terror operations, the radical Islamists of the Boko Haram jihadist group have multiplied the number of women and girls deployed as suicide bombers in an effort to elude detection by security officials.

Boko Haram members poised with guns, ammunition, camouflage, masks

Panic Hits California After San Bernardino Shooting

Wednesday’s terrorist attack at the San Bernardino-based Inland Regional Center for developmentally disabled adults struck panic in the hearts of residents across the Golden State.