Jewish Groups Call for Vigilance After London Subway Terrorism

Jewish groups in the United Kingdom were united in their condemnation of a terrorist attack on a subway train in southwest London on Friday morning, in which 22 people were wounded by what Scotland Yard’s anti-terror squad described as an “improvised explosive device.”

Members of the emergency services work outside Parsons Green underground tube station in west London on September 15, 2017, following an incident on an underground tube carriage at the station. Police and ambulance services said they were responding to an 'incident' at Parsons Green underground station in west London on …

Jews in Kurdistan, Diaspora Issue Joint Statement Supporting Kurdish Independence

On Sunday, the Jews in the Kurdistan Region and the Diaspora, along with the State of Israel and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Representative for the Jewish community Sherzad Omar Mamsani, issued a joint statement expressing support for the KRG’s decision to hold a referendum vote on their independence on September 25, 2017.

Kurdish Jews support independence in 'land of Medians, our prophets’

Egypt’s Last Jews Aim to Keep Alive Heritage

Once a flourishing community, only a handful of Egyptian Jews, mostly elderly women, remain in the Arab world’s most populous country, aiming at least to preserve their heritage.

The president of the Egyptian Jewish Community, Magda Shehata Haroun, talks during an interview with AFP at the Jewish synagogue in Adly street downtown Cairo on October 3, 2016. Once a flourishing community, only a handful of Egyptian Jews, mostly elderly women, is all that remains in the Arab world's …

Turkish TV Series Under Fire for Anti-Semitic Storyline

A fictional Turkish television series is causing great concern in the Jewish community there with its storylines depicting Theodor Herzl intending to establish a Jewish state extending from the Euphrates to the Nile and a Jew attempting to assassinate Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

Journalist and writer Dr Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), who founded the modern political Zionist Movement advocating the return of the Jewish nation to Palestine, and thus instigated the eventual creation of the state of Israel. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Jewish Cemetery Attacked by Vandals in Philadelphia

Vandals have broken and overturned more than 500 gravestones at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia, the latest in a spate of recent bomb threats and attacks against sites for Jews across the United States.

A Jewish participant listens to a ceremony in front of coffins with bones of Jewish victims of the Hungarian Nazi party, the 'Arrows' party of the WWII, in the Jewish cemetery of Budapest, Kozma street on April 15, 2016 during a burial ceremony of these unknown people. The remains of …