WATCH: ‘Fight the Jews and Kill Them’ – Outrage in Copenhagen at Imam’s Call

A muslim imam prays in the mosque in downtown Sofia on April 5, 2013. Bulgaria is hoping t

A prophesy appearing to call for the murder of Jews repeated during a sermon at a Copenhagen mosque has caused outrage in Denmark after it was released online.

Mundhir Abdallah was reported to police after being filmed repeating in Arabic an anti-Semitic hadith- a teaching of Muhammad.  The verse says “Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.”

He declares a “caliphate” is coming – that is a state governed in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. It will be part of a jihad to unite the Muslim community and liberate the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, according to the Islamic faith.

Then Abdallah says, “the words of the Prophet Muhammad will be fulfilled” and cites the hadith.

A part of the 30-minute address – originally released on YouTube and Facebook – was later translated by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri).

In the video, Abdallah is seen standing in the Al-Faruq Mosque with a black flag with the Shahadah written on it, similar to those used by jihadist groups such as al-Qaeda. Watch below:

Jewish community leader Dan Rosenberg told the Politiken newspaper: “We are concerned weak and impressionable people may perceive this kind of preaching as a clear call to violence and terror against Jews.”

Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Stojberg also expressed outrage.

“This is completely preposterous, undemocratic and awful,” the Venstre politician wrote on Facebook. “But it also shows why we need to lead a harsh and consistent policy. We cannot and should not accept this!”

A Social Democrat politician added his voice to the clamour of disapproval.

“I think there should be erected a criminal case against the imam and mosque. For no matter how you interpret it, is called for the killing of Jews, ” said Lars Aslan Rasmussen as reported by news agency Ritzau.

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