Greek Island of Kos Officials Slam Athens for Ignoring Migrant Crisis

Officials governing the Greek island of Kos, home to tens of thousands of illegal migrants from the Middle East, have issued a letter calling Alternate Minister for Immigration Policy Tasia Christodoulopoulou and the Athens government “irresponsible” for offering insufficient aid to help curb the increasingly tense migrant issue.


Refugee Influx: Up 408% this Year so Far, Crushing the Greek Economy

As Greece struggles to regain some economic strength at it continues to negotiate a solution to its debt crisis with the European Union, the flood of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and other ravaged areas east of the Hellenic republic has continued unabated, threatening an economy that has for years been on the brink of disaster.

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Travel Companies Offer Wild Discounts as 50,000 Tourists a Day Cancel Trips to Greece

Tourists planning a luxury getaway to the Greek isles are being increasingly hesitant to keep their bookings, thanks to both an economic crisis plaguing the nation’s banks and the Greek government’s inability to process thousands of illegal migrants sailing into island ports from Turkey. In order to keep revenue up, companies are offering steep discounts and encouraging tourists not to cancel trips.

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Amid Economic Crisis, More than 1,000 Refugees Landed in Greece Last Weekend

As Greece’s politicians work to agree on a deal with its European creditors that will keep it from default, and the Greek people struggle with newly-imposed capital controls and an increasingly dire economic situation, thousands of migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, and African countries continue to land on Greek shores, pressuring an already crippled economy.