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land reform

Some South Africans, Black and White, Welcome Trump’s Tweet

Media reactions in South Africa to President Donald Trump’s tweet last week about land reform and farm murders were overwhelmingly negative. However, some columnists are beginning to conclude that Trump did the country a favor.

Donald Trump masks South Africa (Rodger Bosch / AFP / Getty)

Blue State Blues: Donald Trump Is (Mostly) Right About South Africa

President Donald Trump’s comments on South Africa on Wednesday evening burst the bubble of political correctness that has long shielded that country’s leaders from responsibility for self-destructive policies that have hurt black and white South Africans alike.

South Africa EFF land reform (Wikus de Wet / AFP / Getty)

Liberal South African Think Tank: Trump Is Right About Land Reform

The South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), a liberal think tank, endorsed President Donald Trump’s criticism of that country’s new land reform policy on Thursday, saying that the U.S. president had exposed the “damage” the policy was doing.

South Africa no farmers no future (David Harrison / AFP / Getty)

Report: South Africa Expropriates First Farms Without Compensation

South African news sources reported Sunday that the government had begun taking farmland without compensation with the attempted expropriation of two game farms in Limpopo, the country’s northernmost province, home to Kruger National Park.

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