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OPEN LETTER From Leave.EU’s Arron Banks To Members Of Parliament

The head of the Leave.EU campaign, Arron Banks, has written to all eurosceptic Members of Parliament today urging them to consider their support for the rival Vote Leave group – currently in perpetual turmoil.  But Mr. Banks is not attempting

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Establishment ‘Vote Leave’ Campaign In Panic As Financial Allegations Emerge

Britain’s voluntary sector regulator – the Charity Commission – is investigating allegations that an entity founded by Matthew Elliott — the chief executive of establishment Brexit group Vote Leave — has broken the law by funnelling donations to groups involved in Eurosceptic political campaigns. Mr. Elliott, 37, founded the Politics and

Vote Leave's Matthew Elliott and Leave.EU's Andy Wigmore (Breitbart London/Rachel Megawhat)

Leave.EU Proves Cross-Party Credentials As 1000 Councillors Sign Up

The eurosceptic grassroots campaign group Leave.EU has signed up over a thousand local councillors from across Britain and the political spectrum in support of their campaign to Leave the European Union at the forthcoming referendum. The campaign already has, 270,000


Establishment’s ‘No2EU’ Campaign May Lose Eurosceptics The Referendum

As Britain gets ready to decide its future relationship with the European Union (EU), a major war has broken between two rival eurosceptic camps. Competing groups, led by Tory-confidant Matthew Elliott and UKIP donor Arron Banks respectively, have held unsuccessful secret talks about merging their


The Battle for the EU Referendum ‘No’ Campaign Hots Up

Today’s Sunday Times carries a story about the EU Referendum ‘No’ campaign. It claims that organisers on one half of the ‘No’ camp have said they’ll have no problem raising the £7m maximum spend, and that they’ll already spoken with

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EU-Out Campaign’s Touted Leader: Renegotiation Could Keep us In

One of the oft-touted leaders of the eurosceptic ‘out’ campaign has come out in favour of staying inside the European Union, if David Cameron’s renegotiation leads to a ‘two tier’ Europe. Matthew Elliott, who led the successful No2AV campaign against electoral

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