NSA: Snowden Leaks Caused Loss of 1,000 Targets, Including Terrorists

In an interview with National Public Radio, the deputy director of the National Security Agency Richard Ledgett claimed the NSA has lost track of about 1,000 intelligence targets since 2013 because of NSA leak Edward Snowden’s revelations, including a terrorist group that was planning attacks against the United States and Europe.

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Rand Paul: NSA Supporters ‘Secretly Want There to be an Attack on the United States, So They Can Blame it on Me

Rand Paul has planted his flag on some difficult ground, and quite frankly, successful presidential candidates don’t throw themselves into heavy intra-party fire and sustain major political wounds to prove ideological points. Perhaps he would do well to reconstruct his argument to emphasize the libertarian points where more of the Republican Party agrees with him, and more of the ever-shifting middle of the American electorate would be willing to listen.

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Jeb Bush Applauds Obama’s NSA Spying Programs

During an interview on Michael Medved’s radio show on Tuesday, Bush heaped praise upon the National Security Agency’s harvesting of cell phone metadata on all Americans, crediting President Obama with expanding the program and maintaining it against fierce criticism from both Left and Right.

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Obama Drops Plan to Store NSA Phone-Snooping Data With Third Parties

The Obama Administration has dropped a plan to outsource the storage of cell-phone metadata to third-party vendors, but the Surveillance State is still very much interested in that data. From a public-relations standpoint, the goal of these post-Snowden reform proposals is to erase the image of phone companies “giving our phone data to the government.” If the companies are storing the data themselves and making it accessible to the government, the public’s comfort level with the process might increase.