Miami Beach

VIDEO: Spring Break Revelers Involved in Brawl on Miami Street

Several spring break revelers got a little unruly in Miami Beach this weekend after the group of mostly women began smacking and punching each other in the middle of the street, according to a shocking video making the rounds on social media.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. –– A party on South Beach last week turned into a massive brawl, with a young woman repeatedly getting kicked by a large group of rowdy spring breakers as teens yelled and filmed the scuffle with their phones.

Tens of Thousands Expected to Hang Israeli Flags in Solidarity With Jewish State

Following the media’s near-radio silence after the most recent spate of terrorist attacks against Jews in Israel by Israeli Arabs-Palestinians, two Florida-based public figures have started a global movement to stand up against antisemitism by donating thousands of Israeli flags to citizens across the United States and Canada to be hung in a show of solidarity with world’s only Jewish State.