Nicky Morgan

Leading Tories to Hide Overseas Students from Immigration Stats

Tory MPs and four prominent parliamentary committee chairmen are grouping together to pressure the prime minister into remove students from immigration statistics. Ignoring student arrivals would make it easier for the government to meet their target of slashing migration to


Feminism To Be ‘Compulsory’ In Schools

The government has backtracked on plans to stop teaching feminism as a “major political philosophy” in A-level politics. Following a typically noisy online campaign, feminism “will now be compulsory” and the number of “female thinkers” on the syllabus will be

Feminist Suffragettes Parliament

Men To Be Allowed In All Female Prisons, If They ‘Identify’ As Female

In another victory for #hashtag activism, prison authorities are preparing for a climb-down by transferring a violent, biologically male prisoner with a male passport to a female jail after 97,000 people signed an online petition, promoted by a Conservative Member of

Female Prison

Tory Minister Attacks Thatcher, Promises More Attention for Transgender Rights

Conservative Party Cabinet Minister Nicky Morgan has attacked Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, and promised a gay rights conference that her government will look further into tackling discrimination against transgender people. Addressing the Stonewall conference, Morgan – who

Final Meeting Of The UK Government Cabinet Before The General Election

UK Education Secretary: Homophobia May Be Classed as ‘Extremism’

Britain’s Conservative Party Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has today claimed that ‘homophobia’ may be grounds for believing that someone is a political “extremist”. The worrying development not only fails to define ‘homophobia’, but could lump those in opposition to same