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Nidal Hasan

Here’s How Many Lives Were Taken in Just 8 Armed Attacks in Gun Free Zones

Calls for more gun control almost always follow a public crime or terror attack in which the attacker–or attackers–use a gun. Yet many of the most infamous attacks take place in gun free zones–places where law-abiding citizens disarm themselves to comply with the rules while criminals take advantage of disarmed masses and open fire.

AP/Amarillo Globe-News, Michael Schumacher

Purple Hearts Awarded to Victims of Fort Hood ‘Workplace Violence’

This government will never be able to cleanse the shame of classifying the Fort Hood jihad attack as “workplace violence,” but at long last, after five years of bureaucratic battle, Purple Hearts have finally been awarded to the soldiers killed and injured by the traitorous Major Nidal Hasan.

Donna McWilliam/AP