Peoples’ Bank of China

Chinese yuan (Teh Eng Koon / AFP / Getty)

China Devalues Yuan as Stocks Crash

With China devaluing its currency, stocks crashing 3 percent and capital flight accelerating, China has cut bank its bank reserve requirements to free up $100 billion in credit.

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China Only Has 2 Years of Currency Reserves

With China’s foreign exchange reserves falling by $490 billion in the last twelve months, China is on pace to run out of currency reserves in just two years.


China, in Freefall, Devalues Its Currency the Yuan Again

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) weakened the yuan against the dollar for a third consecutive day on Thursday, following reports the central bank intervened to stem the currency’s sharp slide late on Wednesday.

China stock crash (Isaac Lawrence / AFP / Getty)

China Contagion: Hong Kong Growth Stock Index Plunges 13%

Despite suspending trading in over 1300 of the 2800 stocks listed in China, the “Shanghai Stock Exchange B Share Index” of growth stocks suffered another 7 percent loss Tuesday and the neighboring Hong Kong ‘S&P Growth Enterprise Market Index’ plunged by 12 percent. With Chinese stock losses now over $3.5 trillion since June 12, contagious fear is sending every major stock exchange around the world tumbling.


Barclays Bank Says China Capital Flight Twice as Big as Russia’s

Barclay’s Bank estimates that despite a hot stock market, the China suffered $300 billion in capital flight and is facing its first foreign exchange liquidity crisis since 2000. The news follows a report that China’s GDP is experiencing negative growth in real terms, thanks to collapsing domestic demand.