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The International House of Pancakes announced on Twitter Tuesday that it will soon flip the "P" in its name to a "B". Just what does the "B" in IHOB stand for? The company's tweet indicates it will reveal the answer on Monday, June 11. IHOP's Twitter account is all abuzz …

Twitter on Fire Over IHOP Adding Burgers to Menu

The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) used Twitter to reveal a temporary name change to IHOb to reflect adding burgers to its menu and users are flipping out faster than patties on the grill.

Jo Cox

Establishment Spin Doctors to Manage Jo Cox Memorial

Spin doctors at the heart of the Westminster establishment have been drafted in to stage a memorial event for Jo Cox, due to be broadcast from Trafalgar Square tomorrow on what would have been her 42nd birthday. The event is

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Your Government Spends Billions Convincing You to Let It Spend More of Your Money

Today the federal government is largely dedicated to compelling men and women to subsidize ideas they disbelieve and abhor. The Founders thought the people should shape their government, but today the government spends billions shaping its people (and importing new ones, when the existing populace proves resistant to “change.”)