The Fresno Bee: Gun Control Isn’t Working, but We Need More of It

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

On June 20, The Fresno Bee editorial board ran an editorial showing that gun control is not working, yet calling for more gun control to prevent an attack like the heinous one in Charleston, South Carolina, from ever happening again.

To be clear, their admission that gun control does not work was inadvertent–but it was real nonetheless.

For example, the Bee cited such attacks as those in Newtown, Connecticut, the Aurora movie theater, and Tucson, Arizona, as proof that we need more gun control. They included the attack in Charleston.

What they did not do was point out that Connecticut had the fifth most-stringent set of gun control laws in the country at the time that Sandy Hook Elementary School was attacked, but that Lanza circumvented them all by stealing his mother’s guns. They also did not point out that the suspected Aurora theater gunman complied with gun control by passing a background check for all his guns. Jared Loughner–the gunman who shot Gabby Giffords in Tucson, Arizona–did the same thing.

And the Bee overlooked a CNN report showing that suspected Charleston gunman Dylann Roof got his gun at a gun store, not as a gift. This means Roof also passed a background check.

So three of the gunmen in the newspaper’s four prominent examples complied with gun control, and it failed to stop them. One of the gunmen–Adam Lanza–chose not to comply, and gun control actually aided him by leaving Sandy Hook Elementary teachers and students in a defenseless position in a gun-free zone.

What’s The Fresno Bee’s solution? More gun control.

It should also be noted that the Bee omits any mention of Elliot Rodger’s May 23, 2014, Santa Barbara attack in which three people were shot and killed and three others stabbed to death. This particular attack is important because, more than any of the other examples cited, it shows the impotency of gun control. After all, Rodger passed a background check for his firearms, he registered those firearms with the state, and he complied with a “high capacity” magazine limit, even as he shot and killed three of his victims.

Yet the Bee stands with President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Piers Morgan in blindly pushing more gun control as the solution to gun control’s failures.

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