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Listen: West Virginia Teacher Threatens to ‘Backhand’ 7-Year-Old Student

A teacher in West Virginia was recorded in October threatening to attack a 7-year-old special education student. A mother sent a recording device to school after she became suspicious of her child’s reaction to going to school, catching on tape a teacher’s threat to “backhand” a student.

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Feds, State Demand Texas Education Agency Fix Special Education

The U.S. Department of Education determined that a decline in special education services offered to Texas school children resulted from policies instituted by the Texas Education Agency. These policies prevented eligible students from having access to valuable educational programs.

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Texas School Accused of Special Ed Wrongdoing

More woes surfaced in an already troubled Texas school district after an administrator alleged wrongdoing in the special education department where students may have been improperly awarded course credit.


Texas Denies ‘Cap’ On Special Ed Services in Schools

In a seven-page letter, Texas education officials told the U.S. Department of Education it never set a cap, limit, or policy on the number or percent of students that school districts can, or should, serve in special education.


Texas House Speaker Jumps into Special Ed Controversy

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus jumped into the ongoing controversy over whether public school children were denied special education services, penning a letter to the state’s top education official and urging temporary action.

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