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Turkey Claims U.S. Will Help Expel Kurds from Northern Syria’s Manbij

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told reporters this weekend that the United States had reached a “common understanding” with Turkey for a plan to expel its allies, the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG/YPJ), from northern Manbij, Syria.

FILE - This Tuesday, March 7, 2017 frame grab from video provided by Arab 24 network, shows U.S. forces patrol on the outskirts of the Syrian town, Manbij, a flashpoint between Turkish troops and allied Syrian fighters and U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters, in al-Asaliyah village, Aleppo province, Syria. Rolling 200 Marines …

U.S. Confirms: No Plans to Leave Northern Syria Despite Turkish Threats

U.S. Central Command chief General Joseph Votel confirmed on Sunday that America has no intention of withdrawing from Manbij, northern Syria, despite Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowing an invasion of the city following an attack on Afrin, to Manbij’s west.

Turkish-backed Syrian rebel fighters in the town of Azaz, which is estimated to have a population of 300,000

Pentagon on Turkish Invasion of Syria: ‘We’re Not in a Crisis’

A Pentagon spokesperson deemed “Operation Olive Branch,” Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria to combat the U.S.-allied Syrian Kurdish militia there, a “distraction” but ultimately “not a crisis” between the two NATO member countries in comments Thursday.

Turkish soldiers prepare their tanks to enter combat and join a military offensive on a Kurdish-held enclave in northern Syria, at a staging area in the Hatay province,Turkey near the the border with Syria.Turkey launched an operation, codenamed Olive Branch, last week against the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units in …

Syrian Kurds Claim Turkey’s ‘Operation Olive Branch’ Has Failed

A spokesman for the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), an U.S.-allied militia currently under attack by the Turkish military, claimed on Friday that the group’s fighters had successfully thwarted all attacks against them in “Operation Olive Branch.”

Leaders and fighters of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria feel betrayed that US ally Turkey attacked them even after they fought in the US-led coalition to defeat the Islamic State group

U.S., Kurds Deny Turkish Claims Islamic State Jihadis Killed in Syria Invasion

Turkey’s military General Staff claimed on Tuesday that its “Operation Olive Branch,” an invasion of Afrin in northern Syria, killed “at least 260” Kurdish and Islamic State terrorists. The United States and its Syrian Kurdish allies have both denied there being a significant ISIS presence in that area.

ANKARA, TURKEY - DECEMBER 12: Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and the government spokesman Numan Kurtulmus delivers a speech during a press conference following the cabinet meeting in Ankara, Turkey on December 12, 2016. (Photo by Guven Yilmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

U.S.-Allied Syrian Kurds: Turkey Issued ‘Declaration of War’ Against Us

The Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG/YPJ) have warned that consistent threats from Turkey, which claims to also be fighting the Islamic State in Syria, “have reached the level of a declaration of war,” threatening to derail the ISIS fight just as the YPG have surrounded its “capital,” Raqqa.

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Erdogan: Turkey’s ‘Patience Has Ended’ with U.S. Support for Syrian Kurds

In remarks Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asserted that he would personally demand President Donald Trump rescind his support for the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), as Turkey’s “patience has ended” with the anti-Islamic State collaboration between the two.

TOPSHOT - A medical helicopter, from the US-led coalition, flies over the site of Turkish airstrikes near northeastern Syrian Kurdish town of Derik, known as al-Malikiyah in Arabic, on April 25, 2017. Turkish warplanes killed more than 20 Kurdish fighters in strikes in Syria and Iraq, where the Kurds are …

Iraq Scolds Turkey for Attack on Kurds as Parliament Seeks Exit for PKK

Turkey has expressed its condolences to the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) after airstrikes led to the deaths of several Peshmerga soldiers but vowed to continue operations in the region following attacks on Syrian Kurdish and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) targets in both countries this week.

Sgt. David Howell (L) and Sgt. Michael Stanley pull security while a civil affairs team checks on a well at a farmer's field, near Mahmudiyah, south of Baghdad, August 9, 2009. REUTERS/U.S. ARMY/SGT. JON SOLES/HANDOUT

Trump Boosts Support to Operation to Retake Raqqa from Islamic State

The United States is boosting support to an operation against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in Syria, providing airlift and artillery in addition to the train-and-advise mission, a move that will further deepen America’s involvement in the war-devastated country.