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Huff: Trump Administration Sides with Iran Against Kurds

As voters at home wait for President Donald Trump to deliver on signature campaign promises, the Kurds – key allies hoping for change from Obama’s disastrous policies – now have a reason for disappointment.

ERBIL, IRAQ - SEPTEMBER 22: Supporters wave flags and chant slogans inside the Erbil Stadi

HUFF: President Trump’s Kurdish Policy Takes Shape in Iraq, Syria

Just after the election, Breitbart published an analysis arguing that President Donald J. Trump was a cause for hope for Kurdish national aspirations. It has been 81 days since the inauguration, so, has the outlook improved for the American-Kurdish alliance?

Donald Trump

President-Elect Donald Trump Brings Renewed Hope to Kurds

As the reality of President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s dramatic victory began to sink in around the world, at least one region’s leaders popped open the champagne – if only metaphorically speaking, as they are Muslim.

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