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Tareck el Aissami

Islamist World Unites Behind Venezuelan Dictator Maduro

The world’s most high-profile Islamist nations and terrorist organizations – from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the Hamas and Hezbollah groups – set aside Sunni and Shiite differences this week to unite behind Nicolás Maduro, ejected from the presidency through the invocation of a Venezuelan constitutional mandate to remove dictators.

FILE - In this Monday, Oct. 11, 2010 file photo, Syrian President Bashar Assad, right, shakes hands with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, left, at al-Shaab presidential palace in Damascus, Syria. Within minutes of news breaking of a coup against Recep Tayyeb Erdogan, government-held areas in Syria broke out …

Islamist Venezuelan VP Shifted to Head of Russia Relations

Venezuela dictator Nicolas Maduro announced the appointment of Tarreck el Aissami as head of the Russia-Venezuela Intergovernmental Mixed Commission, a month after he was replaced as vice-president of the socialist regime.

In this Feb. 1, 2017 photo, Venezuela's Vice President Tareck El Aissami, right, is saluted by Boilivarian Army officer upon his arrival for a military parade at Fort Tiuna in Caracas, Venezuela. The administration of President Donald Trump is slapping sanctions on El Aissami and accusing him of playing a …

Arria: Putin Looks to Assert Russian Influence in the Americas via Venezuela

“America for the Americans” was a fundamental piece of the foreign policy of the United States in relation to Latin America since President James Monroe announced it in 1823, when his country lacked the resources and military to enforce it vis-à-vis imperial European powers.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (R) and his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro shakes hands during a signing ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow, on July 2, 2013. Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden was denied asylum by a host of countries today after applying for a safe haven in 21 nations …

Venezuela: Socialists Denounce Nationwide Bakers’ Conspiracy, Threaten to Seize Bakeries

Venezuela’s socialist government has imposed new draconian measures on its bakeries intended to lay the blame for the intense food shortages the country is experiencing on craven small business owners. Bakers who do not adhere to these rules, the vice president announced this week, will risk having their business seized by the government.

Bread for sale at a bakery in Caracas, on September 14, 2016. Venezuela, which is sitting on the biggest known oil reserves from which it derives 96 percent of its foreign revenues, has been devastated by the drop in prices and is beset with record shortages of basic goods, runaway …

Venezuela Takes CNN en Español – But Not English-Language CNN – Off the Air

The socialist government of Venezuela has prohibited CNN en Español from broadcasting nationwide following a report exposing a Venezuelan plot to grant passports to Hezbollah terrorists. CNN International, which broadcasts more left-leaning programming, remains available. Local newspaper El Nacional reported Wednesday


Former Diplomat: Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro Funded Campaign with Drug Money

Former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs under George W. Bush, Roger Noriega, asserted in multiple interviews this week that the United States has ample evidence that high-ranking government Venezuelan officials are involved in cocaine trafficking, and that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has used drug money to run his campaign.

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