Tony Rezko

Barack Obama the Negotiator: From Rezko to the Present

The debate over providing “fast track” authority for President Barack Obama to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade deals has touched on constitutional, economic, and political arguments. Yet the most important question is whether Obama should be allowed to negotiate anything at all after a dismal track record. When Obama is negotiating with anyone other than congressional Republicans, who fold easily, he makes one bad deal after another.


Rubio vs. Clinton: Suddenly Being in Touch With Ordinary American Life is Bad

It’s pretty rich to watch Democrat media drag out an Obama-donor financial analyst to critique the Rubio family budget. At least the Rubios have a budget, which is more than congressional Democrats can say. Let me know when Senator and Mrs. Rubio start using continuing resolutions and “cromnibus” techniques to buy stuff, with a vague plan to force their neighbors to pay all the bills when they find it impossible to rack up more debt.

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