Toys R Us

SoCal’s Bratz Doll Founder Bids $900M for Toys ‘R’ Us

MGA Entertainment, Inc., which made billions of dollars from the fashion forward “Bratz” dolls and Little Tykes toys, has bid $900 million for the failing Toys “R” Us brand and its 1,700 remaining stores.

Bratz (Saffy / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Why Toys R Us Can’t Win Anymore

Looked at through the lens of recent history, the story of Toys R Us resembles the plight of the American middle class.

Toys R Us

San Diego Police Take Apart LEGO Theft Ring

Surveillance video caught burglars pilfering valuable LEGOs and Disney’s “Frozen” toys from all five Toys “R” Us stores around San Diego County.

LEGO face (Peter Macdiarmid / Getty)